Installation jetpack error for Jetson AGX Xavier

Hi all:
I use the USB type C to link the host and the agx xavier, the SDK manager is and jetpack is 4.4.
The SDK manager can detect the agx xavier when the agx xavier enter the recovery mode and the IP address is
It displays the error message when the installation process to flash jetson os stage.
“Could not detect Nvidia Jetson device connected to USB”

It displays the other error message when I disable the jetson os.
“Could not connect to the target verify”

How to solve this problem?

It is useful to know that SDKM is only a front end for other software. When the Jetson is in recovery mode SDKM can use flash software. When the Jetson is fully booted, then optional packages can be installed if (and only if) the Jetson has had its first boot setup completed and can be accessed via ssh.

If defaults are used with SDKM, then flash will occur, the Jetson will self-reboot, first boot setup must be completed, and then SDKM can install optional software (typically over address, but any working ssh address can be used).

You can uncheck “extras” and just flash, or you can uncheck “flash” and simply install optional packages. If you can ssh to the Jetson over the first boot account, then you know optional package install should work.

During recovery mode “lsusb -d 0955:7019” can be used to detect a recovery mode Jetson. If you are flashing, then verify this shows up prior to starting the flash. Seeing the correct lsusb implies flashing will work. Beware that VMs are usually a bit broken and will fail to handle USB correctly without significant effort.

For the case of wanting to flash: If you hold the recovery button down, and either bring up power or reset power (followed by letting go of recovery), can you see the device on the host PC with “lsusb -d 0955:7019”?

For the case of wanting to install optional software: Can you ssh to your account you set up on first boot? Default is via address

Thanks for your replied.

I only have the installation of Jetson sdk components, and all stages have been completed from the host components to the flash Jeton OS.
I have the below problem regarding the installation of Jetson sdk components.
I don’t remove the USB Type C cable and the IP address always is
I don’t know how to solve this problem, can you help me?

This problem:
“Could not detect Nvidia Jetson device connected to USB”

=>Does the USB can’t be detected because of Ubuntu TLP issues?

If your host PC shows the existence of address “”, then the host PC has been assigned an address over USB and basic networking is complete. Logging in to the Jetson would show address “” on the “l4tbr0”. As a result the host should be able to “ping", and the Jetson should be able to "ping". You can use the command "ifconfig`” and see if those addresses show up. Should those addresses show up, then you can test ping.

Now you would test function via ssh. On first boot the Jetson will not have a user name or password, and you would have to first complete that, but assuming you created user name “nvidia”, it implies that from your host (for which “ping” worked) you can now succeed at logging in to the Jetson via:
ssh nvidia@

If you then try to complete the addition of optional packages to the Jetson it should work. This is because JetPack/SDKM will use the same ssh command to talk to the Jetson.

If ssh or ping fails, then odds are that the Ubuntu host PC just needs to be told to allow using that connection (security settings may not allow using that network route without your ok).

Can you ping? Can you ssh?

Thanks for your replied.
I can install the jetson SDK components normally and it doesn’t show the message “Could not detect Nvidia Jetson device connected to USB” after I changed the notebook.