My jetson AGX Xavier can not link to my ubuntu computer

I use VMare Ubuntu 18.04 to flash the AGX, then about 30 minutes, My Ubuntu was dumped, so I can not flash the jetson system. And now, if I power up the device and press the refresh button next I press the power button, it does not work . I can not use usb to typeC cable to link my computer, I use command “lsusb” and do not find “Nvida”, so I think the AGX was broken. Beside, I link nets cable in AGX , and I can not find ip address about AGX. What can I do for flashing AGX? Thanks for giving me suggestion.

VM is not supported.

Note that the biggest reason a VM is not supported is that they incorrectly handle USB pass-through unless you’ve set it up correctly, and that each VM has their own methods of doing so. You could make it work if you know how to configure your VM, but you are probably better off creating a dual boot with Ubuntu (unless you don’t mind the learning curve).

Maybe VM works not well. But when I fist flash jetson system, I have finished. It means that usb work well in VM.But something goes wrong the next step, such as install cuda ,tensorrt etc.So I try to flash again. Now I press the power button,connect displsy , it does not work and show nothing in screen. Even thought I shutdown down and press flash button a few seconds them press power button, I can not link to VM, Windows does not find device too in device manager.

I try to use other devices, such as mobile phone, usb flash disk etc.They all work well in VM. So how can I confirm what’s the real problem

We have no answer to something that doesn’t support. Maybe other users can share their case on VM.

Thank you so much. I will try create a dual boot with Ubuntu.

I take a video for this problem. It doesn’t work in Ubuntu. Notice that it isn’t VM system. So I want to know if I can use pin to flash system

Consider that most USB devices do not disconnect and reconnect during normal operation. Flashing a Jetson does this, so other devices working in a VM are not a valid test.

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