Restoring Jetson AGX Xavier to factory configuration

Hi all,

apologies if this topic is already addressed somewhere. I tried to find it with no success.

I have a new Jetson AGX Xavier board. I could boot it and use it as a linux system. However, when trying to configure it with CUDA and other software I used the SDK from NVIDIA to flash the board. My suspected error was that I tried this from an Ubuntu virtual machine. This created USB problems and at the end the flashing process ended with a failure. From that moment I cannot flash it again and the board does not boot at all. The SDK software now fails as it says the device should have an OS running at that moment, and this is the real problem I guess.

Is there any switch configuration to restart the board to factory state? Is there any alternative way to bring to live again the board?

Thanks for your assistance and apologies if this is a dummy question or is already answered. Please, let me know the pointer in that case.

I appreciate your help.

Hi jflich,

VM is not supported, you better to have the native Ubuntu host to flash your device, but you may refer to below topic to see if can help on your case:

The reason a VM is not supported is that VMs tend to fail USB. During flash a Jetson will disconnect and reconnect several times, and the VM loses the USB. If you can learn enough to give total ownership of that USB device to the VM (rather than letting the parent o/s grab or deny the reconnect), then you might get it to work. However, life will probably be easier if you can instead set up dual boot with a native Ubuntu 18.04.

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Thank you very much for the replies and recommendations. I am following the path with a native Ubuntu host.