Alternate ethernet phy chip for AGX Xavier


We are in the design of a custom carrier board for the Jetson AGX platform. The recommended ethernet PHY chip part number by Nvidia is 88E1512PB2-NNP2C000, but this part number Lead Time is higher. We are evaluating alternate drop-in replacement ethernet PHY chip “88E1512-A0-NNP2C000” using the Jetson Xavier AGX development kit.

After replacing the ethernet PHY chip, the ethernet interface (eth0) was detected by default without any changes in the driver. We can see the local MAC address in eth0 interface and we can able to set the IP address manually, but we couldn’t connect with the internet. When we tried to connect to the internet it shows “Host is unreachable” error.

Also, we observed the RX packets are not received through eth0 adaptor. We suspect the ethernet PHY chip not receiving the packets from the internet.

Is there any DTB & Driver update need to support 88E1512-A0-NNP2C000?

Dump below info should tell which part cannot receive data

  1. ethtool -S eth0
  2. ifconfig eth0
  3. cat /proc/interrupts | grep eth*

If MMC counters are getting incremented from ethool result, it means the MAC is receiving the packets.
If the DMA interrupt is not coming from (3), then it means those packets not delivered to the application.

As for the DTB and driver update, please contact the vendor about it first. I am not sure if these two phy are using the same driver.