Xavier Carrier Board (P2822_B02) Ethernet PHY - 88E1512PB2-NNP2C000

Hi NVidia Team,

The current Ethernet PHY chip used on the Xavier Carrier Board (P2822_B02) is:
Marvell P/N: 88E1512PB2-NNP2C000
These parts are not normally stocked, have long lead-time and MOQ.

For future board builds we would like to replace with:
Marvell P/N: 88E1512PB2-NNP2C000 which is normally stocked more available version, but there are some differences. The Marvell rep thinks the replacement chip may be OK.

Please review the following listed differences and let us know if the replacement chip will work OK with the Jetson Xavier Module.

The Jetson Xavier carrier board uses the Marvell 88E1512PB2-NNP2C000 part.
We would like to know if the 88E1512-A0-NNP2C000 would work.
The differences are below:
o 88E1512PB2-NNP2C000 has up to 16 PHY addresses vs. 2 for the 88E1512-A0-NNP2C000
o 88E1512PB2-NNP2C000 supports MII mode. 88E1512-A0-NNP2C000 does not
o 88E1512PB2-NNP2C000 supports TWSI mode. 88E1512-A0-NNP2C000 does not
o 88E1512PB2-NNP2C000 supports 1-step PTP. 88E1512-A0-NNP2C000 supports 2-step PTP


Hi, for any components not in SCL, we can’t guarantee anything. If vendor says OK, you can try it as for Jetson side, the interface should be same for both.

Hi Mike. Could you test with the 88E1512-A0-NNP2C000? Does it work?
Best Regards, Marc

Any update with this post?

@mikeeaq6h5 Have you tried 88E1512-A0-NNP2C000 ? Any updates now ?