RGMII-PHY1512 Can't Test LAN 1G IEEE

Dear Sir
We have custom carrier board for the nVIDIA Jetson Xavier Module
There is PHY Marvell_1512 Connect RGMII to NV Xavier
Our PHY1512 can connect to Ethernet but can’t test for IEEE 1G TEST
When RJ45 Connect LAN TEST Fixture and Scope no any 1G signal.

The following is our test command, it seems to be written in,
but no signal is received
Does anyone have similar experience?

sudo ./phytool write eth0/1/0x16 0x0000
sudo ./phytool write eth0/1/0x9 0x1F00s
sudo ./phytool write eth0/1/0x0 0x9140
sudo ./phytool write eth0/1/0x16 0x0004
sudo ./phytool write eth0/1/0x1B 0x3E80
sudo ./phytool write eth0/1/0x16 0x0006
sudo ./phytool write eth0/1/0x1A 0x8000
sudo ./phytool write eth0/1/0x16 0x0000
sudo ./phytool write eth0/1/0x9 0x3F00

Do you mean Marvell 88E1512?

YES It’s Marvell 88E1512 LAN Port


Do you mean you use the same PHY chip as NV devkit on your custom carrier board but it fails?

Yes! you r right!
Do you have any suggestion for our issue?

If so, then it is more like hardware issue. We have similar case before.

what type haware issue? could you share your before case and how to debug ?
Thank you sir!