Xavier NX module IEEE1588v2 capability


We want to use a Jetson Xavier NX module with IEEE1588v2. We read that the Nvidia developer kit has hardware IEEE1588v2 support (due to the Marvell 88E1512P PHY). Since the lack of availability for the Nvidia developer, we are looking o other carrier boards, but it hard to find one that states clear support for hardware IEEE1588v2.

It is not clear to me yet what the on board Xavier NX SOM has in terms of Ethernet Phy, an if it supports the IEEE1588v2. Since some carrier boards use a direct connection to the Xavier Module, if it had hardware support for the protocolo, then those boards would be a possibility.

So, my questions are:

  1. Where can I find clear information of the Ethernet capabilities of the Xavier NX module (not te dev kit, only the module), particularly support regarding IEEE1588v2;
  2. Do you know of any carrier boards that support hardware IEEE1588v2?

I have exact the same questions for the AGX module, but am not sure if I should place them here or in the corresponding forum.

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AGX Xavier Devkit has HW timestamping support. We’re syncing with a NUC time master via a dumb switch with E2E delay mechanism and get to sync precision around 50-250 ns.

It’s supported, please refer to SW feature list at NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide : Software Features | NVIDIA Docs

Hi, I know that IEEE 1588-2008 (PTP) (hardware) is supported on both the Xavier AGX and Xavier NX dev kits, but I got the idea that it was because of the Marvell 88E1512P Ethernet PHY on the dev kit, not on the module itself.
Since my issue is concerning using different carrier boards with the AGX or the NX module (given that the NVIDIA AGX and NX dev kits are not available currently), I am trying to find out if there are other carrier boards that support IEEE 1588-2008 (PTP). If you could shed some light on this issue, I would be grateful.

Best regards.

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