After Setup System NVMe ssd, Is it required sd kart?

Hi there,

I’m new in Xavier Nx.

Yesterday I Buy a new NVMe PNY SSD Kart for my embed. device(Jetson Xavier NX). Formerly, When I buy Xavier Nx, I use and run completely system on 64 GB Sd kart . But now I move system to SSD Kart . After that, SD Card logo started to appear as seen in the picture. But when I remove the sd card, Jetson does not work. I’m confused. So if everything continues on sd card, it means Jetson is not using SSD card?

Pls. help.

Assuming you’re running NX on devkit, the early boot stages would happen from mmc (SD card for devkit).
So it is required for booting.
Once the linux kernel image has been loaded from mmc /boot into RAM and linux kernel has started and can find filesystems on NVME, you can remove the SD card, but you would have to replug the SD card in for rebooting.

If your only problem is the Ubuntu icon of the SD card, I may not advise much further, but I think there should be some solutions or workarounds.

Maybe next JetPack version can help for booting from NVME on NX, but I don’t have any data about this.