Jetson Xavier NX will only boot with both NVME and SD card installed

I have flashed my Jetson Xavier NX Dev kit with 4.6.2 with the Nvidia Jetson SDK Manager. The Jetson boots from the NVME and I can read the SD card as a secondary disk connectec to the system but I can’t unmount the volume. If either of the SD card or the NVME are disconnected then the jetson fails to boot. The SD card also has an a jetpack 4.4.1 flashed on it. but it works with other SD cards. Why?

A boot log can tell more.

Added note: Some files on an SD card model NX might be read during boot even if it switches to the NVMe. The serial console log mentioned would suggest where files are read from. However, what is the “/etc/fstab” file content for both the SD card and the NVMe? That, along with the serial console boot log might show some more information, but there are times when an SD card model of Jetson can’t boot without the SD card. I don’t know if that is the case here.

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