AGX—Ethernet port extend

There is only 1 RGMII port in AGX-SOC, I need extend 3 RGMII ports from AGX.
So I choose ethernet switch—NXP SJA1105 ,however I am not sure link SJA1105_RGMII_Tx_D[0…3] to AGX_RGMII_Rx_D[0…3] or AGX_RGMII_Tx_D[0…3] .

Please help and reply, many thanks!

Do you mean Xavier or Xavier NX? For NX, there is a PHY, RTL8119, in the module, the port is MDI outside not RGMII. For Xavier, it is RGMII which you can see in schematic P2822. You should check the datasheet of your device to make the connections.

Please see architecute, I am a little confuse not sure option 1 or option 2.

Assume it is Xavier, you should check with NXP for the option.

Thanks, I got solution in NXP SJA1105 datasheet. Thanks.