AGX ORIN : How to port camera driver, like AGX Xaiver

  1. I found the ORin platform DTS structure a little different than agX Xavier

  2. Is there a specific method ?

Does the Orin platform still need to block this “Does the Orin platform still need to block this”?

I would suggest reference to imx477 to implement your driver.

agx orin r34.1.1

I can’t find the DTS configuration for IMX477 in the following directory


Doesn’t T23X stand for AgX Orin ?

Yes, should be t234 for Orin.

Can I not compile these overlays?

If you want implement your own device tree that don’t necessary.

You mean I can directly add my own Camera DTS in the following DTSI


Another question is, custom kernels compiled byself need to be signed ???

Yes, and no need sign.
Have checking the programing guide and kernel building.

May I ask, my transplanted camera driver and DTS have been loaded normally, why is there no video production



Could be your device tree have problem cause the problem.

my orin version : r34.0.1

The kernel version I compiled was based on R34.1.1

Is this feasible???

I have the same problem. the video node cann’t be generated. Did you succeed?

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Me too …

For Orin need change the vi@xxxxx{} to tegra-capture-vi{} also the nvcsi@ could be different.

/ {
18 	tegra-capture-vi {
19 		num-channels = <1>;
20 		ports {
21 			#address-cells = <1>;
22 			#size-cells = <0>;
23 			port@0 {
24 				reg = <0>;
25 				liimx185_vi_in0: endpoint {
26 					port-index = <0>;
27 					bus-width = <4>;
28 					remote-endpoint = <&liimx185_csi_out0>;
29 				};
30 			};
31 		};
32 	};
34 	host1x@13e00000 {
35 		nvcsi@15a00000 {
36 			num-channels = <1>;
37 			#address-cells = <1>;

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