Enabling HDMI for AGX Orin

I am testing AGX Orin Production Module(32GB) with AGX Xavier Developer Kit Carrier Board.
I wanna test Enabling HDMI before using custom carrier board.

Those display port and pins look same for both AGX Orin and AGX Xavier.

  • AGX Orin Dev Kit

  • AGX Xavier Dev Kit

So, I expected I can see the display if i follow the guide.

Futhermore, I apply hpd setting as belows:

I tried both active_high and active_low.
All that result are no display.

And I can’t see the Orin’s debug uart on AGX Xavier Carrier Board.
So, I can’t get any boot log.

What can I try anymore?


Actually, there is no support for AGX Orin on AGX Xavier carrier board.

I don’t suggest to try this.

Ok, I see.

I have one more question about enabling HDMI.

I found nvidia,tegra234-cec.txt under sources/kernel/nvidia/Documentation/devicetree/bindings/misc/tegra-cec/.

Do I need to set this configuration for enabling HDMI?
And where I put those in, If I need?



No, CEC has nothing to do with HDMI bring up. It is just one function but not mandatory.

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