Some 4K display did not work via the HDMI in AGX Orin platform with jetpack5.0.2 and jetpack5.1.1

We have designed our carried board and changed the hardware to HDMI. It can work fine in most displays, including some 4K displays. But three 4K displays can not work. The test result is below:

  1. ASUS VG289Q:
    It can not detect 4K resolution, and the display did not work, but it can work fine if we directly change the resolution to full HD.
  2. Dell U2720Q
    The display did not work
  3. ASUS MX27U-Q
    The display did not work

Our hardware design followed this:

We have also referenced the topic below and checked through it.

Could you help us check this problem?

Please follow the document on l4t developer guide and share the DCB image content of your current setting.

Hi, WayneWWW
Thanks for your reply.
Attachments are our current setting


Hi Vince,

No, I am not going to read your dtb file. My point is you should follow the posts you shared and use the DCB tool to show me a human readable result.

Also, share me the result of your xrandr when you have a working monitor connected.

The device tree sets below:





DBC Tool

Test ASUS VG289Q display in Jetpack 5.1.1
The display showed nothing after the power was on.

After Re-plugging the HDMI connector, It could show on the Display, but the resolution was incorrect. This display is 4K.

The console showed messages below

The log is in the attachment.
Xorg.0.log (1.5 MB)

Do you have Orin NX + Xavier NX devkit that can reproduce this issue with this monitor?

Thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately, I could not find any NX series with HDMI ports in my company. All of them are DP ports. Could I use other series, for example, TX2 or AGX Xavier?

Sorry. No. The only way to validate Orin HDMI function on devkit is the Xavier NX devkit carrier board + Orin Nano/NX

Hi WayneWWW,
I finally got a Xavier NX devkit Carried board + Orin NX 16G module. I tested the display ASUS VG289Q, which could detect and show the screen. But I found the resolution is 1920x1080, which is not correct. Our display is 4K resolution. I tried three displays of 4K resolution, which still showed 1920x1080.
I think the situation is different in our case. Our board can work well in some 4K displays; the 4K resolution is correct. But it could not detect any signal if we connected the display ASUS VG289Q.

Hi @vince.cheng

The way you flashed your xavier nx devkit board is not correct. When you saw your xrandr gives “DP-x” but not “HDMI-x”, you need to know that it is still in DP mode. DP mode cannot work HDMI well.

Please use the p3509 board config in your Linux_for_Tegra to flash your board. There should be something like p3509-a02-xxxx-p3767-xxx.conf.

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