AGX Xavier Availability

Any idea when we might be able to buy the AGX Xavier Module or even the dev kit again?

It has been out of stock at most sellers for many months. With no clear date for when it will become available. Some even show it as discontinued now.

On the Jetson Product Life Lifecycle page it shows as available until Jan 2025. But that doesn’t appear to be true at the moment. As it is simply impossible to purchase either the dev kit or the module apart from via 1 or 2 scalpers on ebay charging way over the msrp.

What’s going on?

We are having challenges with various components and are working continuously to address the issue. In meantime, if you are building a commercial product might want to consider our partner systems if they have inventory.

Thanks. I have read this stock response elsewhere on the forum. I guess that’s the company line. Understandable…

However, I was hoping someone might be able to give us some actual information though ie:

Are you still making the AGX Xavier product? As some sellers are listing it as discontinued this is a major concern for people who have designed products based on the published Jetson Product Lifecycle.

If so, when do you expect these products to be available?

Yes, we are continuously working to improve supply.

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