AGX Xavier DMA

Hello, we are using an HDMI to MIPI chip on AGX Xavier, connected to the CSI interface of AGX Xavier.
The image format output from the HDMI to MIPI chip is UYVY(YUV422), is it possible to move the image format to I420(YUV420) via DMA or other DMA from CSI?
For example, the DMA establishes a mapping relationship when moving, and the UYVY drops 1 set of YU for every 4 Y during the move to get I420.
Does AGX Xavier support this type of DMA handling?
您好,我们在AGX Xavier上使用了一个HDMI转MIPI的芯片,接到了AGX Xavier的CSI接口上。
请问AGX Xavier支持这种DMA搬运方式吗?

The reason we have this need is that for project use we need the I420 rather than the UYVY image format.

I would suggest use nvvidconv or V4L2 Video Converter of MMAPI to convert it to I420. The pipeline could be like.

HDMI → NVCSI → VI → nvvidconv

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