AGX Xavier how to set the i2c@c240000 as a i2c slave mode

i want to know how can i set the i2c@c240000 as a slave i2c node
Thank you

hello zp11,

it’s by default i2c1 = "/i2c@c240000" on Jetson AGX Xavier, you may define a node belong to i2c1 for your use-case.

hi JerryChang

this is my change. Can it make the function works?

hello zp11,

that’s incorrect, you should define another new node belong to i2c@c240000.
please check reference driver for sensor device tree.
for example,

        i2c@3180000 {
                ov5693_c@36 {

the compatible property is used to look for kernel drivers.
you should also implement your driver with the same string.

Hi JerryChange
i add a code in the dts, the code can be a slave mode ?
it can be compatible with the other master mode node?

hello zp11,

there’s I2C slave controller supported,
please check the kernel documentation for Linux I2C slave interface description,
for example,