allocatable array

I am trying to allocate an array finn_var(459,299,27,24,25). The test program is

program test

implicit none

integer :: nx, ny, nez, nt, nspec
integer :: allocation_status
real , allocatable :: finn_var(:,:,:,:,:)

nx = 459
ny = 299
nez = 27
nt = 24
nspec = 25

allocate( finn_var(nx, ny, nez, nt, nspec), stat = allocation_status )
if (allocation_status > 0) then
print*, “Allocation error for finn_var”
end if

finn_var = 0.


I compiled by pgf90 test.f90. It had “segmentation fault” error message. The finn_var is not allocated right. But if I compiled by gfortran, there is no problem. what went wrong with pgf90? thanks!

I now know the array size is 4592992724825 = 2223304200, exceeding the boundary of signed integer 2147483647. How I can solve it then?

Hi seairscape,

You just need to add the flag “-Mlarge_arrays” to the compile options.

Hope this helps,