Analytics Plugin Error

**• Hardware Platform JETSON
• DeepStream Version 5.0
**• JetPack Version 4.4

There appears to be an issue with the logic of the analytics plugin. From the below image

The vertical line (where it says Exit1) is counting people as they go down the escalators. From the detections the people are going from onside of the x of the vertical line but it appears to just ignore y and count as though the line extends the full frame. Same applies for a horizontal line.

The vertical line (where it says Exit1) is counting people as they go down the escalators.

Do you mean the Exit1 should not count the peaple?

Yeah sorry hard to see in the image but basically the lines exit1 and entry 1which are at the top middle of the frame count people when they exit down the escalator of entry. I have seen this on multiple images, it appears that if an object moves in the right direction it counts regardless of the x and y of the line part of the analytics plugin.

Currently it cannot support the feature, and will be supported on next release which is coming soon.

Wait, this isn’t a feature request, its the logic of the plugin. For the plugin it asks for 4 points, line direction and start and end of line. All im saying is it appears that the line part of the plugin isnt used, it just gets and object and if it moves in the direction, it counts.

In next release, we can specify the mode to decide if it will count the object just cross the virtual line or all the objects include some may not touch the line, so I say it’s a feature.

Need to update the plugin documentation if this feature isn’t available now

No, this feature is supported but we can support more enhancement for the feature in next release. If current feature cannot meet your requirement, please wait for the next release.

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