Android for TX1/TX2

I know this is a topic that many are interested in but i have never found a proper answer. Why is there no Android OS for the Jetson TX1/TX2?
I would have thought that because the Shield had the TX1 and had Android as the OS there would be a version of Android for the TX1/TX2.
Developing apps for android is much easier than developing for linux, well i think so. And with the vast Android market place plus Androids market share it makes sense to have Android as an option for the Dev OS.
Can anyone explain the reluctance from Nvidia to provide Android as an alternative OS?

And dose any one know of any progress towards a version of Android for the TX1/TX2?

I have looked and apart form some small comments from 2016 i cant find anything worthy. I don’t have the skill to produce a version of android for Jetson TX1/TX2.
Am i correct in thinking that Android is available for the TK1?
Thanks for any help.

Hi milnholm

Android isn’t officially supported on TX1/TX2 (rather, Linux4Tegra).
Back for TK1 there was a couple Android projects, including e-con Systems.