Announcing Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial

We are excited to introduce Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial!

Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial lets customers bring the latest AI models to their most demanding use cases. It is form-factor and pin compatible with Jetson AGX Xavier, and comes with extended temperature, shock, and vibration specifications, new functional safety capabilities, new security features, and up to 20X the performance and 4X the memory of NVIDIA Jetson TX2i.

High-level summary of features shared with Jetson AGX Xavier:

  • 512-core NVIDIA Volta GPU with 64 Tensor cores
  • 8-core NVIDIA Carmel Arm®v8.2 64-bit CPU
  • 2x NVDLA
  • 2x 7-way VLIW vision accelerator processor
  • Same PCIe Gen4, USB 3.1, Gigabit Ethernet, and display I/Os
  • Same size, connector, and Thermal Transfer Plate

High-level summary of new features

  • Industrial features
    • Expanded shock, vibration, and temperature
    • External temperature, clock, and voltage monitoring
    • 10 year operating lifetime
  • Safety features
    • DRAM and GPU ECC
    • ARM CCPLEX RAS (Reliability, Availability and Serviceability)
    • Additional Safety features can be enabled with Jetson Safety Extension Package (see below)
  • Security features
    • Hardware Root of Trust
    • Hardware verified secure boot
    • Arm® TrustZone® based Trusted Execution Environment
    • Hardware accelerated cryptography
    • Support for encrypted storage and memory
  • Other features
    • 64GB eMMC 5.1
    • 20W and 40W power profiles


Place your PO with your distributor now for Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial. The module is $1249 in volume, and will ship starting late July, 2021.

Software Support

JetPack 4.6 supports the new module, and will be available late July, 2021.

Module Documentation

Please refer to Jetson AGX Xavier series documentation in the Jetson Download Center. Key documents include:

Jetson Safety Extension Package

The Jetson Safety Extension Package is available on request[*] and includes supporting software and documentation for customers who want to create IEC 61508 compliant products with Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial. Safety features enabled by the extension package include:

  • SCE (Safety Clustering Engine)
    • A dedicated Arm® Cortex®-R5 subsystem for integrated fault detection mechanisms and lock-step subsystems
    • Error propagation to SPE (Sensor Processing Engine) or external safety MCU
  • IST (In-System-Test)
    • LBIST (Logic Built In Self Test) & MBIST (Memory Built In Self Test) during power on/off to detect permanent and latent faults
  • Hardware Safety Manager
    • Monitor and collate error signals
  • SDL (Software Diagnostic Library) for SRP/CS (Safety Related Parts of Control System)
    • Software library for detecting permanent faults at runtime
  • 3LSS (Three-layer safety supervision)
    • Safety framework that streamlines collection and dispatch of of safety related hardware and software errors for structured handling
    • Provides protected channel for communication between different components of SRP/CS

A Safety design guide is also available with recommendations, guidelines, and ISO-13849 Cat. 2/3 PLd architecture examples as point of reference for customer safety designs.

[*] Be sure to change Category to “Jetson & Embedded Computing” when using the contact form.


To carrier board vendors:

Is there any carrier board available that supports this module or any ongoing plan for the support?

Hi there!

We support the Xavier Industrial Module on all of our AGX Xavier based products:

The carrier boards were designed for the regular AGX, so if you plan to use the new safety features for an IEC 61508 compliant environment, a carrier board modification will be necessary.

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I have 2 modules of JAXI on my desk, but SDK manager don’t install system on it. By comand “LSUSB” I see it. By UART I don’t see anything. By HDMI on display also don’t see a signal.
SDK on manual install say to me that it see wrong device. What I need to do?

Hi max_kr90,

Please help to open a new topic with more details of your issue. Thanks

This is my Topik JAXI not boot - #22 by WayneWWW

Do you have jetson AXG industrial development kit available?

Dev kits are never anything except the non-industrial. You’d have to have a third party carrier board to work with an industrial.

Third party carrier boards yes, but also the reference carrier board included in Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit works fine with Jetson AGX Xavier Industrial.

I have a few questions.
What is the clock compared to the non industrial version and is the performance the same?
Will it produce less heat for the same work?

What is the clock compared to the non industrial version and is the performance the same?

See the tables here:
L4T Developer Guide: Supported Modes and Power Efficiency

Will it produce less heat for the same work?

The extended reliability features of the industrial module come at the cost of more heat, not less. Given an hypothetical balanced workload, the industrial module will produce .045 °C/W vs .035 °C/W for the commercial module. See the Jetson AGX Xavier Series Thermal Design Guide for details.

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I am currently looking for an AGXi to use for Cyber Security hardware development. This is a DoD related project and we have already placed 12 AGXi’s on a Purchase Order through Arrow. I seek to find an AGXi, even if it is used condition to further development. Another option was to find out who uses these in the industry and potentially buy it from them. Any information here would be helpful as time is of the essence!! Thank you!