Antenna options for Jetson TX1


I am trying to design the Jetson TX1 into a design and would like to reuse the FCC ID to keep costs down. I am having trouble finding an antenna that meets the requirements specified in their Wireless Compliance Guide. It appears as if the setup they tested was using very poor antennas and all the ones I am finding are better which is not acceptable.

Has anyone had much luck finding a setup that meets their requirements? Specifically I am hoping to use a flat antenna that we can mount to the inside of the enclosure so that the antenna can be hidden.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Hi poirierp,

We have no additional information beyond the Jetson TX1 OEM Wireless Compliance Guide at this time.

Hope someone could share their experience on the same design issue.


These Taoglas antennas have worked well for us with the TX2.