Are there any applications using RDS over InfiniBand?

(1) RDS could be run over TCP on GE NIC or InfiniBand HCA, how to using it with these different underlying hardware based on MLNX_OFED?

(2) For an application written with the traditional sockets, how to translate or port it with RDS over IB? Is there any user shared library to pre-load RDS protocol without code recoding and recompiling of the existing applications, just like

(3) How to compare and benchmark the performance between UDP over GE and RDS over IB, including network rate, TPS and transport latency?

Thanks for your attention.

Thanks Ferbs.

I found that RDS driver source has been integrated into MLNX_OFED, even though RDS is not tested and supported by Mellanox.

Besides, the driver code is always updated in the latest version of MLNX_OFED such as MLNX_OFED_LINUX-3.1-1.0.0-rhel6.5-x86_64, which is more newer than it in the latest version of Linux kernel-4.2.5/net/rds.

So what is the resource and motion to update RDS driver for MLNX_OFED?

Thanks for your help.

Typically the RDS driver is supported by Oracle as it is intended for Orcale Data Bases. We have no record on folks running it with other applications and typically Oracle supports this protocol.