Are there any security functions for the Jetson platform?

I noticed that NVIDIA is working on H100, focusing on ‘confidential computing.’ I’m curious if there is a security function library available for the Jetson platform.
I found an introduction about ‘GPU Gems 3,’ but it seems like there’s no CUDA solution mentioned. Are there any updates or similar/counterpart methodology?

For Jetson Nano, please refer to NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide : Jetson Module Adaptation and Bring-Up | NVIDIA Docs and Jetson Nano Fuse Specification Application Note


I believe there is something vague in my questions.

“Confidential computing” is related to this link: Confidential Computing | NVIDIA

And “GPU Gems 3” is related to: Chapter 36. AES Encryption and Decryption on the | NVIDIA Developer

I would prefer to get some security software library information.


hello daxn,

may I have more details of “security functions”.
you may see-also developer guide, Security chapter for reference, thanks

hello Jerry,
Hope you are doing well, this is Jerry Y. the Project Manger from Liscotech.
We’re working on a Space program which use the Jetson Nano series as Space AI Edge computing. As we know security is always the most important consideration on Edge computing, Daxn is studying how to fully utilize the GPGPU performance on Orin series to accelerate the encryption/decryption. It will great help to share,

  • any similar feature on Orin series like NV public state “‘confidential computing” on H100 or
  • any encryption/decryption lib/sdk which could be accelerated by Orin GPGPU HW.

your comments are highly appreciated and strengthen the NV GPGPU features on this program.

hello jerryyang,

please share the real use-case,
for example, where’s the data located. what’s the user-space application you’re running…etc

the user case is we will encryption/decryption the dataset which we defined and bundle the image & AI analytic result. The dataset plan to encryption/decryption and store at edge side.

please refer to below. Secure Samples, and Disk Encryption.


This information is very useful for protecting the local machine. If we want to learn more about data transmission encryption, like AES, is there any AES acceleration in Orin Nano?

Thanks for your help.

hello daxn,

it’s Security Engine provides hardware acceleration for cryptographic algorithms.
please see-also Jetson Orin Nano Series Module Data Sheet.

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