Hey guys, I am working on a project where I need to have my files in the root directory encrypted. Is there any way to encrypt the SD Card I am running in the jetson ? Or is there any way I can flash ubuntu 18.04 LTS ? I would be happy if there will be any advice and help to secure my data.


hello lecwan,

it’s NOT supported with your use-case.

please refer to Jetson Nano FAQ
for example,
Q: My Jetson Nano is with sd card slot. Can I use it to verify secureboot?
A: No. Secureboot is only supported on production module(Jetson Nano with emmc).

please also check developer guide for Disk Encryption.
it’s only applies to: Jetson Xavier NX, Jetson AGX Xavier series, and Jetson TX2 series.

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Hey Jerry,
thanks for taking your time. Will there in future a L4T be available where you can choose disk encryption? Or are there any there any options or workarounds?

hello lecwan,

I don’t see near term plans to enable disk encryption for Nano series.
because it’ll need Trusty architecture to support disk encryption functionality, however, Jetson Nano did not support Trusty.

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Ok thanks for the information.
As far as I know the AGX and NX support trusty, right? Is there any instruction or manual to follow for encryption then for the AGX and NX boards? For beginners level?

please also check developer guide for Disk Encryption.

Ok great thanks. I will give it a try,