Enable Secure boot for Jetson Nano devkits 2GB & 4GB

Dear all,

Please enable/allow secure boot for all Jetson nano devices + devkits.

One of the key difference between Jetson Nano and Dev Board | Coral and raspberry could be the better security.

I tried to find Jetson Nano Production module, than I need also a carrier board and the whole solution is far more expensive than just using the devkits.

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hello todorcolovmobile,

there’s documentation for Jetson Security. please note that is only supports with eMMC. (i.e. Jetson Nano Production module)

in addition,
Jetson Nano only support SecureBoot;
SecureOS it has applies to: Jetson Xavier NX, Jetson AGX Xavier series, and Jetson TX2 series devices.

Hi Jerry Chang,

I’m aware that SB for Jetson Nano series is only for “Jetson Nano Production module”. The problem is that it requires also a carrier board which is not sold separately. The overall set with Jetson Nano Production module is 3 times more expensive than a normal Jetson Nano 2GB devkit and with this price tag it goes to the areas of more powerful devices.

My kind request to you is to ask your higher management to update the “seciroty boot” policy and add it as a feature to the whole Jetson Nano “series” (how many Jetson Nano Production Modules have you sold vs the rest of the Jetson Nano series?)

SB is important feature to make sure your device is not compromised when it is on a public place.

  • I know that Jetson Nano Series does not support native encryption but this is “extra” which is not that important for low class devices and custom encryption could always be developed outside of the native encryption.