Secure Boot - Dev Kit Compatibility

Hello all,

As my previous posts have mentioned, I’m working on a custom image for the Jetson Nano (dev kit currently). Once this image is complete, I’d like to implement secure boot. Referring to the following wiki post on the meta-tegra layer used to design the image, I’ve seen a note that the developer kit is not compatible with secure boot:

  • NVIDIA does not support secure boot on SDcard-based developer kits (Jetson Nano/Nano-2GB and Jetson Xavier NX). You may render your developer kit permanently unbootable if you attempt to burn the secure boot fuses .

Is this statement true? In that secure-boot is not supported when using the Jetson Nano Developer Kit?



hello bsmerbeck,

it is correct.
SecureBoot does NOT support with SDcard-based developer kits