Need info on secure boot

Hi Team,

I am working on Jetson nano platform. Need clarification on these,

  1. Is there any opensource Hardware cryptography library support for TLS authentication?
  2. Protect and store private keys outside the system memory space
  3. Possibility of cycling public keys
  4. Ability to provision the camera such a way that device can connect with only one particular network


hello arun_dasari,

secureboot is to ensure trusted code running at Jetson device, and prevents execution of unauthorized boot code through chain-of-trust.
there’s hardware crypto security engine key slot for storing DK, SBK, KEK…etc.
please also refer to developer guide, you should check Security chapter for more details.


can you please provide information on these?

hello arun_dasari,

you may notice that there’s NV tool, (i.e. tegrasign_v2 ) to do sign and encryption.
you may also generate and maintain your keys with a hardware security module (HSM).
it’s also support to flash the signed images in non-secure environment, which without PKC and SBK keys present.

may I have more details? what’s your expectation of such use-case.