Are those cudnn Backend APIs descriptions conflict with each other?

In cudnn Backend API references, The subsection 9.2.5.cudnnBackendGetAttribute() says that " This function will return CUDNN_STATUS_NOT_INTIALIZED if the descriptor was already successfully finalized.". But in subsection 9.2.4. cudnnBackendFinalize() says that “Getting attributes using cudnnBackendGetAttribute() is only allowed when the finalized state of the descriptor is true .”
I think the above description are conlict with each other. From some secrions, I can see that the cudnnBackendGetAttribute() after called after the cudnnBackendCreateDescriptor() and before calling cudnnBackendFinalize().
Besides the above questions, I also want to know the work that cudnnBackendInitialize and cudnnBackendFinalize actually do. Is cudnnBackendInitialize set some default values according to the type of the descriptors? Besides set the finalized flag, what happens when calling the cudnnBackendFinalize? Is cudnnBackendFinalize will check the status descriptor that exists in the attributes of current descriptor( current refers to the parameters of the API cudnnBackendFinalize)

Hi @182yzh ,
This might be a bug. We are checking internally if this is the case.
Shall provide you the update soon