Are UVC drivers included in Jetpack 5.1.1 (Ubuntu 20.04)?

I’m a bit confused. Is a UVC driver included in Jetpack 5.1.1 (Ubuntu 20.04)?
In this forum I can not find recent information about UVC drivers. There is some old information about installing UVC drivers. And on the internet I can only find very old information about UVC drivers in combination with Ubuntu.

I also did read that it should be included in Ubuntu 20.04. But when including uvccamera.h in OpenCV it can not be found.
When I connect a UVC camera, the kernel does recognize it and creates a /dev/video0. Does that mean UVC drivers are installed?

So, how can I check if a UVC driver is installed?
Do I need other software (SDK?) for uvccamera.h?

Not sure, but you may try:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install libuvc-dev

Oeps. After installing libuvc-dev this way, Visual Studio Code does not open anymore. Even after removing en re-installing Visual Studio Code!

Any suggestions?

The UVC drivers are present by default. If the camera does not show up, I recommend running “dmesg --follow”, and then watch what log lines appear upon USB being connected.

I can’t help with the VS Code, but it seems highly unusual that installing libuvc-dev would cause this. I do recommend the following:

  • Try starting VS Code on command line and see if it produces any kind of debug output.
  • Monitor “dmesg --follow”, and see if anything shows up in logs upon trying to start VS Code (either from command line or clicking an icon).

The problem was not that the camera didn’t show up. It is recongized by the OS and a /dev/video0 is created.
The problem was that I need to control the camera using some UVC library that use uvccamera.h.

But I did find the problem!

So for people with the same problem:
I did not had to install


but the following libs


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