Are we allowed to publish modified NVIDIA replicator composer source code to public git repository?

I would like to ask if I am able to publish modified NVIDIA replicator composer source code to my public github repository?

I have read the license agreement for the software on NVIDIA’s website NVIDIA OMNIVERSE LICENSE AGREEMENT — Omniverse Robotics documentation

However, I am still not sure and would like to check if I am able to do so legally. If not, may I know what are the steps required to do so? Thank you so much!

Hi ngzl,

Is your plan to modify and publish the …source/tools/composer/
If that is the case, then the grant access 2.1.c (link) applies.

Yes, I plan to publish modified .py codes in …source/tools/composer folder (such as modified,, etc) on to my public github repository. I will take that the grant access in section 2.1.c allows me to do that.

Furthermore, may I ask if I will need to adopt any specific license (such as MIT, Apache etc) for my public repository that includes these modified code. Thanks for the clarification!

If you read that grant, I believe you can do that but “it must take place either through the Exchange or through a fork of the Omniverse GitHub Repository”

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