Omniverse replicator with VSCode


Is it possible to run replicator (in Omniverse Code) from within VSCode and see those changes reflected live in the viewport? I know you can write extensions in VSCode, and that you can see the code behind Replicator in VSCode (as described here:
Getting started with Omniverse Replicator — Omniverse Extensions documentation (, but I can’t figure this thing out.

The script editor within Omniverse Code is fine for small projects, but when you start building more complicated synthetic data generators, then writing all the code in basically a notepad becomes a bit annoying.


Current workaround that I have is to simply have VSCode open in another window, work and save my .py file in there, and then reload and run the file from the Omniverse script editor.

Hi @lukas.mahieu! I think that’s a good workaround. I’d love to see a VSCode extension that sends code to Omniverse to run. It would likely be best to have that be a project driven by the community.

I’ve reached out to the Replicator team to see if they have any other recommendations.

I would be very interested in this feature as well! Please post in this thread if you have found a better solution.


There, there is an extension, driven by the community, that tries to offer the functionality that @mati-nvidia mentions… :)

Awesome, I’ll test it out soon!