Arm trusted firmware Jetson Nano

The Jetson Nano Dev board seems to use v1.6 of the ARM trusted firmware. The upstream ARM trusted firmware is on v2.6 and it seems to support tegra210. I tried using the bl31.bin and replacing that as bootloader/tos.img and flashing the TOS partition which didn’t work. Is there a way to update the BL31 on the Jetson Nano?

Could you share purpose of upgrading the firmware? Since we don’t support Trusty on Jetson Nano, it looks not necessary to upgrade it.
Jetson Nano and TrustZone - #6 by JerryChang

There is no strong reason to upgrade. Just saw in the boot logs the version was 1.6 and upstream had v2.6. I had some issues with kexec on Jetson Nano and on Raspberry Pi upgrading the arm trusted firmware helped fix issues with PSCI.

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