Is upgrading anything on Jetson Nano recommended at all?

Hi, I’m very new to Jetson Nano and system configurations.

I am trying to deploy my program on Jetson but the last time I tried, I faced a problem of not being able to open the terminal at all. I couldn’t figure out why, but I guess it had something to do with upgrading softwares on my Jetson Nano. I had to start everything over and flash the sd card from the beginning.

Now, I’m stepping with more caution. Is upgrading anything on Jetson recommended at all?

I may need to upgrade my python3, opencv, or other libraries along the way.

I couldn’t find a similar question on the forum, apologise if its repetitive . I appreciate your support.

Upgrade JetPack version instead updating individual packages.
The latest available one is JetPack 4.6.4.

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