System upgrade from the Nano itself

As a long time Linux user, I’m used to being able to manage my own packages and install new versions of the OS from within itself.
Is this the same with the Nano? After more than an hour of research I learned that an upgrade is possible in two ways:

  1. Via downloading a new image and overwriting the current install (effectively wiping everything in the process, since I couldn't find anything about preserving the current configuration)
  2. Downloading and installing the SDK Manager to another x64 computer which will then require wired (USB) connection to the Nano in order to flash the new update. Couldn't understand whether this method is going to preserve the current configuration or not.

I’m pretty sure that I’m missing something here.
Is it possible to get more information about how to upgrade the system, especially with preserving the current configuration?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Wallace, upgrading to a new version of JetPack currently requires re-flashing the SD card image from a laptop or PC, either using an Etcher-like tool or SDK Manager (i.e. not from onboard the Nano itself).

In the future, we’ll be moving towards OTA upgrades, where you will simply be able to pull the package updates from onboard the Nano, however updating to JetPack 4.2.1 requires reflashing (so you will want to backup your files, ect.)