Upgrading a Jetson Nano to Jetpack 4.2.1

I know I can upgrade Jetson Nano to the latest version of Jetpack by flashing the SD card image.

Is there an alternative way to upgrade the Nano for existing installations ? Can i use Ubuntu’s native OS upgrade dialog to check for Jetpack 4.2.1 ?

I have a lot of customization’s and am looking for an easy way to carry them forward without having to rebuild it for every update.

That won’t upgrade so much as it will overwrite, to anybody reading this thread and misundestanding. A flash of an SD card will overwrite all data on the card.

As to alternative methods of updating. I would give nearly anything if Nvidia would just use apt or something simple, but they’re in love with their SDK manager and flashing sd cards. Raspberry Pi has had this solved for years.

Google’s Coral has no sdk manager. Their downloads you an all get directly from a link and there are no mandatory checkboxes or logins. That being said, Google will probably cancel Coral while DeepStream is at version 4.

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My workflow has been to attempt to automate the SD card building. Basically I have a script that runs in L4T home and spits out images after making some modifications. I preserve the first boot scripts and the image flashes to any sd card size this way (just like the official one). Please see the Linux 4 Tegra reference for some clues on how to do that here:


I’d recommend reading that whole document from beginning to end because it tells you (nearly) anything you would want to know about customizing the nano.

I have scripts, but they are CPU bound and compiling things on the Nano does take time :(

If someone from Nvidia is reading, having a way to update to the latest version of Jetpack would appreciated.

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