Artificial Intelligent Vision system with a Jetson Nano

Hello everyone,

I wanted to write about a project my team has been working on utilizing the amazing power and portability of the Jetson Nano. We represent a FIRST Robotics team, so we decided to use AI Vision to help us complete our challenges for the 2020 - 2022 seasons. We built a PyTorch and OpenCV (using YOLOv5) application interface and UI that run on a Jetson Nano and are able to detect given objects with over 90% accuracy and then calculate their distance from the robot’s camera.

We started originally using just a underpowered cheap laptop to run the onboard processing, but thought that a smaller and more GPU accelerated machine could get us to our target of 50 FPS. Since our robot runs at 50 hertz we wanted to match that with 50 FPS of performance from the Vision.

Below are some images of the project in action. We also have an open sourced GitHub repository for this project.

This project is still being developed, so hopefully more content will be available shortly!


Hi @Ryan4545, great work - thanks for sharing! Good luck to your FIRST FRC team next season!

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