JetMax: AI vision Robotic Arm powered by Jetson Nano

Starting from the second half of 2020, we want to build an open source robot with AI vision and deep learning, aiming at helping more people learn artificial intelligence knowledge and robot kinematics algorithms. Thus, the JetMax robotic arm project was initiated. 

After many research and development work to find the best platform, we finally decided on using Jetson Nano with a high-definition wide-angle camera to elevate the possibility of the robotic arm to a new dimension. To allow developers to better accomplish their AIcreativity, we enhance the scalability of JetMax to meet the development needs of different scenarios.

Backed by the Jetson Nano’s excellent computing power in operating ROS, our Robotic Arm can perform real-time object recognition, autonomous sorting, face recognition, gesture recognition, etc. with a high level of efficiency and flexibility. After days and nights of hard work, we have developed more functions and decided to contribute these AI ideas as open-source.

JetMax features Deep Learning and Computer Vision abilities. It is equipped with Jetson Nano and HD Wide Angle camera, which enables it to interact with the perceived environment efficiently.

Being an AI Vision Robotic Arm, JetMax not only features AI vision but has a clever brain as well. Supporting you in learning coding, researching AI robotics applications, and bringing your AI ideas to life. It can be your helping hand in a lab, university, or workshop.

Powered by NVIDIA Jetson Nano

The open-source JetMax robot arm is powered by Jetson Nano, featuring deep learning, computer vision and more. Jetson Nano has the performance needed to power modern AI workloads to enable JetMax robot arm with advanced AI capabilities.

  • Functional HD Wide-Angle Camera
  • Fitted with Smart Bus Servos
  • Supports multiple types of EoAT (End-of-Arm Tooling)
  • Various Forms
  • Multiple Extended Functions
  • Open-Source