A Robotic Arm powered by Jetson Nano

Hey guys, we’re Elephant Robotics.

Our team focuses on collaborative robots and with open-source software integrating for Jetson Nano, Raspberry Pi & Arduino ecosystem, etc.

Here is one product we developed with Jetson Nano, and we hope you can give us some advice to improve these products.

In our product myCobot280 robotic arm series, we have a total of four products with different boards, M5stack, Arduino, Jetson Nano, and Raspberry Pi. The manipulator we developed empowered by Jetson Nano has a built-in ubuntu18.04 system, which can quickly help the developer to boost their manipulator control logic development, and set up ROS simulation experiments without PC master control and/or linking peripherals.

Nowadays, AI and image processing are hot topics in robotics, and myCobot-Jetson Nano could boost learning in these areas. Here let’s take a closer look at myCobot-Jetson Nano.

myCobot-Jetson Nano Based on the Jetson Nano AI board and equipped with a camera, myCobot 280 Jetson Nano is capable of quick image processing, robotic algorithm developments, and ROS simulation learning, etc. Being a powerful small artificial intelligence computer, it can be started by simply inserting a microSD card with a system image, which simplifies beginners’ development. Besides, the Jetson Nano board includes a higher-performance and more powerful GPU (graphics processing unit), which leads to better outcomes in eye-in-hand robot projects compared with myCobot Pi , making it more advanced R&D possible. Combined with Nvidia’s powerful SDKs such as Deepstream, Vision AI applications, and services, it is an ideal version to deepen AI and robotics learning for developers. This boosts the potential of the myCobot-Jetson Nano’s secondary development

myCobot280 series evaluation:
hackster(Evaluation articles about four different versions of myCobot280)
YouTube(Evaluation video of four different versions of myCobot280)

In the future, we will pay attention to the development of Jetson Nano, and use it to do more interesting and meaningful things. We will constantly update what’s going on with Jetson Nano-related development. Feel free to have a chat and discuss.

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