Open Mobile Manipulator - ROS - Jetson Nano

With the rise of cheap embedded computers like the Jetson Nano
it is possible to build cheap and powerful educational robots that use ROS.

As part of my Graduation Project i have build a cheap educational mobile manipulator,
that can be useful for an introduction to the world of robotics.

look image ->

github code

Autonomous Navigation - AMCL - Move_Base- MoveIt - Video ->

RtabMap - 3D mapping - Localization -Robot Kidnap ->

It consists of

Jetson Nano (100) - TX2 (600)

4x Geared DC Motors with encoders (4x30 = 120)

arduino due(30) (with rosserial for pid speed and publish encoder ticks, it also reads the encoders directly)

1 ydlidar X4 (100-300)

1 kinect v1(50) - realsense(200)

3 dc-dc buck converters (30)

2 L298N(15) - sabertooth (60)

1 lipo 5000 mah (50)

1 I2c servo driver (20)

1 diy robotic arm (200) no feedback - with feedback (800…)

1 robot base could be just wood with metal rods to make 2 levels and motor brackets

total cost (cheap materials) ~~ 600

If you want to recreate this project you can contact me at