Hoverboard-based mobile robot with Jetson Nano


I’d like to share with you my project: Robaka - mobile robot with ROS running on Jetson Nano, using motors and microcontroller from a hoverboard. Here’s the project description on Medium and GitHub repo. It’s fully open source. The robot is capable of driving autonomously indoors, using 2D LIDAR for localization and mapping. It’s the next step on my way to building an autonomous delivery robot.

If you’re building a similar project, or otherwise interested in using ROS on Jetson Nano, or using ROS with hoverboards - feel free to reply in this thread, I’d be happy to help!


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Hi Alex,

I am familiar with your Robaka 2 project. I am about to use it as the basis for an autonomous rover I am making but hoping to use Realsense D435 and T265 for localization and mapping. I would love to be able to consult with you if I have any problems.


Hi Tim,

it’s very interesting, do you plan to use Realsense for outdoor SLAM? Do you have a project page?


No, it is for an indoor telepresence robot I am working on with my high school intern. I have not setup an project page yet.

Dear Alex,
As you mentioned in Github, you use firmware by p-h-a-i-i.
Do you adjust any parameters in the original firmware? If yes, please send me your firmware by email: vuvuvu@outlook.com.
Thank you,

I recently acquired a brushless 3phase DC motor hoverboard which I wish to control with Nvidia Jetson Nano. Unfortunately, the firmware (GD32E230) can not be flashed with ST-Link programmer. I want to buy another motor controller compactible with Jetson Nano of which I can control the 3 phase motor via Jetson nano and ROS. Could you please recommend me a motor controller to achieve my objective or could there be a way I can flash the GD32E230 arm cortex microcontroller firmware?. Thanks in anticipation of your possible suggestions


What’s your issue with flashing? Here’s an example of a successful attempt – Nerd Ralph: GD32E230: a better STM32F0?

Hoverboard firmware has a BLDC driver which you could probably try to adapt to your controller, but I’m not sure how difficult it would be.


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