Robot could use Jetson Nano

Do we have some robots compatible with Nano other than Jetbot? For example, is Jetson Nano compatible with turtlebot3?

Do you mean compatible chasis ?

OK, that counts. Any compatible chassis or robot.

You might want to consider Pololu’s Romi chassis.

The Romi 32U4 Control Board is designed to interface to a Raspberry Pi, so it should be straightforward to get it working with a Jetson Nano.

Can Jetson Nano support all the ros navigation stack and peripherals to run a service robot?

Anyone tried running ROS on the Nano yet?

I have run ROS Melodic on the Nano with no problems. Installation was easy, and performance is somewhat better than a Raspberry Pi 4.

Answering some older stuff, I have also run the Turtlebot3 using a Nano. It works just fine. I expect you could run any ROS-based robot that is using a Raspberry Pi as the primary controller, so long as the source code is available to recompile drivers and such.

DId you have any issues getting the OpenCR (arduino like robotis card) to talk to the nano? I’ve got melodic running but the rosserial connection is not seeing any of the ports as valid. the Lidar works fine as /dev/ttyUSB0 but launching rosserial fails to find a port. Any help would be appreciated.