Building an Intelligent Robot with NVIDIA Jetson Nano, Intel Depth Camera D435i, and Arduino

Work Flow Diagram


In the field of robotics, combining advanced perception capabilities with efficient motor control is essential for creating intelligent and autonomous robots. In this blog post, we will explore the process of building a smart robot using the NVIDIA Jetson Nano, Intel Depth Camera D435i for perception tasks, and an Arduino with an L298N motor driver for precise and dynamic movement. By integrating these cutting-edge technologies, you can create a versatile robot capable of perceiving its environment and navigating through it effectively.

Components used:

  1. NVIDIA Jetson nano.

  2. Intel depth camera d435i.

  3. Arduino Uno.

  4. L298 motor driver.

  5. lithium polymer battery.

Setting Up the Hardware:

  1. Connecting the Intel Depth Camera D435i to Jetson Nano in serial.
  2. Wiring the Arduino and L298N motor driver with battery.

Software Configuration:

  1. Ubuntu 20.04 for Jetson nano.
  2. ROS (Robot Operating System) noetic.
  3. Realsense ros package.
  4. Docker.

Software configuration links:

  1. Github link for ubuntu 20.04 : GitHub - Qengineering/Jetson-Nano-Ubuntu-20-image: Jetson Nano with Ubuntu 20.04 image
  2. Github link for intel depth camera :
  3. Github lin for opencv interface for webcam : GitHub - kabilan2003/webcam_opencv

Capturing depth and RGB data using the D435i

Enhancing Perception with D435i:

  1. Utilizing the pre-existing object detection algorithm in ROS like yolo.

Future adding:

  1. Implementing obstacle detection and avoidance using yolo.
  2. Real-time mapping and visualization.
  3. Visual Odometry.

Robot Localization with Depth Camera Technology

Intel® RealSense™ depth camera D435i with IMU sensor for camera localization in robot.

depth camera

using sensor fusion for imu continuous sensor data for robot localization.

Integrating Perception and Control:

Establishing communication between Jetson Nano and Arduino using rosserial library and than depth camera serial communication between Jetson nano final think Integrating motor control with depth data for decision making.


Addressing latency and synchronization when start getting data from depth camera delay happen between nvidia jetson nano and laptop.


By merging ROS, Intel Depth Camera D435i, Arduino, and the processing power of NVIDIA Jetson Nano, you’ll take your object detection and avoidance capabilities to new heights. This blog post guides you through the integration process, optimization, and potential future directions to ensure your robotic system stands out in terms of performance and intelligence.


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