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Is your project built with ROS and run on NVIDIA Jetson. Submit it to be considered for our ROS project of the month, which will be featured on our community page and awarded a Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit.
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I am a Master’s student at CMU and currently am building a multi-robot AMR system for warehouses!
Our team is primarily using NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier as our compute as of now (planning to switch to Orin soon).
You can check out our project here:

It is still a work in progress and we are still refining the stack and making the system more capable as we go!

We are looking forward to testing out the ISACC ROS2 localization package soon!

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Hey there,
I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’s in Computer Science from IPU University in India. I worked at IIT-Delhi as a Robotics Intern last year where my project involved integrating Deep Learning techniques with ROS for performing pick and place operations on custom 3-D printed objects using a 6-DOF Robotic arm.

I developed a custom YOLOv5 based model for detecting the objects and used ROS-MoveIt! for controlling the robotic manipulator. Here is a sample demo of the project : Pick-and-Place using YOLOv5 and a Cobot - YouTube

The project was then deployed on a Jetson Nano device for better performance and inference speeds.

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