Query: Need information in respect of Nvidia Jetson: ORIN NX 8 GB

  1. Host processor to be used with your AI edge computing module

    • Supported architecture (x86, ARM etc)
    • Supported Host OS (Linux (which flavor of Linux), Windows)
    • Supported hardware interface to Host (PCIe, USB etc)
  2. Does your AI processor support YOLO ? If yes, which versions and models are supported ?

  3. Which AI framework is supported by your processor (Tensorflow, Pytorch etc) ?

  4. Availability of step-by-step instructions and tools to get started with your AI processor ?

  5. Is there a developer kit available to evaluate your AI processor ? Or do we need to interface with a host processor ?

  6. Tools available for profiling the performance of your AI processor ?

  7. Please share quotation for your evaluation kit and AI processor key card (which can be interfaced with a host processor).

For Q1, the Jetson Orin series device are ARM 64 processor with Linux K5.10+Ubnutu OS 20.04 support currently, you can check the technical specifications at Jetson Orin for Next-Gen Robotics | NVIDIA to know the brief spec, and can check the Support Resources | NVIDIA Developer to find relevant HW spec and design documents.

For Q2, Q3 and Q4, the Jetson Orin can support up to YOLOv8, which framework are you using for training the YOLOvx model?
For PyTorch, you can install it with the following command:

For TensorFlow, you can install it with the following command:

If you convert the model into ONNX format, you can also deploy it with TensorRT:

For Q5, the Jetson Orin Nano and Jetson Orin NX modules are supported by the Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit carrier board.

For Q6, you can check the JetPack SW release page: JetPack SDK | NVIDIA Developer to find the Nsight tool for profiling the runtime performance.

For Q7, please check Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer to find the local distributor info.

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  1. Can the Jetson Orin NX-8 be interfaced with a host PC (x86) without the dev kit?

  2. What will be the OS on the host PC and the interface connector? We prefer to use Ubuntu 20.04.

No, it must have a carrier board.

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Where can I get the SDK and user guide for Jetson Orin NX-8 ?.

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