Assertion Failed Game crashes (Line 664 wine vulkan loader) ever since switching to 545.29 driver

When playing Alan Wake 2 and Insurgency Sandstorm I will get occasional crashes (see below) with the game randomly crash with the message below (same message for both games).

For Alan Wake 2 I have been able to isolate it as a consequence of turning off vsync in the game and then pressing the “Escape” key to bring up the menu. This will cause the following crash every times.

In Insurgency, this crash is random. It may affect other games, but I haven’t seen it yet.

I am on a hybrid 2060 mobile
Wine Assertion Failed

This error started showing up only on wayland and only after switching to the 545.29 driver. I have not yet tried to reproduce this error on xorg on the new drivers, but never had it on x11 previously.