Wayland Regressions in driver 545.29.06

I have had my gpu crash due to wayland in games (Baldur’s Gate 3 and Helldivers 2). Initially you see some frames go backwards (fps graph on mangohud goes backwards) and then the entire screen gets pixelated gray squares (but the sound plays) and even persists when quitting the game, the only thing that can be done to get out of it is to press the power button to get out of it and hard reset the computer. In addition in some games (Rogue trader, Baldurs Gate 3, Expeditions Rome) the fps is half of that on xorg while other games get stuttery. It seems there’s been a regression to some of the fixes from the October drivers that fixed many Wayland issues and made games have similar fps to x11). Unfortunately I did not do run a log immediately after this happened but included some anyway.

Other times the game crashes the desktop.

This is on a 2060 mobile. Archlinux. 545.29.06 drivers. KDE Plasma 5.27.10.

I am using an external monitor connected to my optimus laptop in clamshell mode.

Here is the wayland log
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (925.4 KB)

Here is the xorg log
nvidia-bug-report.log.old.gz (920.7 KB)

I have same issues at the moment. FPS just starts slowly dropping and everything starts stuttering. I have no issues in Win11.

Here is a wayland log immediately after it happened. I ran nvidia bug report sh via TTY.

Fedora 6.7.5-200, RTX 4080 Suprim, 545.29.06,

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (347.9 KB)

@agapp11 and @a.pehlivan35
You should really use the Linux x64 (AMD64/EM64T) Display Driver NVIDIA Recommended 550.54.14 driver instead.

The issue is 550 hasn’t been released in arch repos yet. I don’t see an update for it. Last edition is still 545.29.06

You can always use this, it’s pretty handy:

clone it and run makepkg -si

I updated from the arch repos to 550.54.14, there has been no visible change. Framerates stay halved in Rogue Trader and Expeditions Rome and Baldur’s Gate 3 remains unstable in Wayland. Switching to Proton 9.0 has improved stability and FPS in Helldivers 2, but it had no effect on the other games mentioned above.

Hmm… Try enabling VSync to see if the framerates gets better. I saw some other game when that helped.

I had another crash playing Helldivers 2 on the 550 drivers. I managed to nab a picture of what it looked like.

I get similar things in Baldurs Gate 3 as well. I had mangohud on, it didn’t seem like it was overheating, my GPU never went above 60C

Hmm… regarding Helldivers 2, try proton experimental if you haven’t already, see:

The above screenshot occurred under Proton Experimental