545.29.06 [Wayland] Glitches in fullscreen games

Current setup:

  • OS: openSUSE Tumbleweed x86_64
  • KERNEL: 6.6.7-1-default
  • DE: Plasma 5.27.10 [Wayland]
  • WM: kwin
  • CPU: AMD 3700X
  • GPU: 3060 12Gb
  • RAM: 16Gb at 3600MHz

Also i have 2 FHD monitors 1x 166Hz (DP-2), 1x 60Hz(HDMI-1)

Problem: The problem comes when gaming in fullscreen since artifacts, flickering and ghosting problems appear.
Video on YT


I suspect that to be an issue with XWayland and the game not hitting the fps matching you screen refresh rate.

This should be fixed if:

  • XWayland patches this for nvidia
  • or Wine / Proton having proper Wayland support
  • or Nvidia patches their driver for glamour to work correctly
  • or Switching to X11
  • or NVK becoming production ready and users can make use of the open source driver stack

See the attached Bug report for XWayland:

I am affected by this issue as well even by games running on 1080p@60 fps when the game gets busy doing something and therefore the fps get below 60.

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I’ve been seeing this as well (specifically previous frames being rendered if my framerate drops below my monitor refresh rate), although it’s only started occurring with the 545 driver, I’m able to run 535 without issue, and the current explicit sync patches don’t seem to solve it (although I understand they’re incomplete).

Running Manjaro, GTX 1080Ti, Ryzen 7 5800X, 32Gb DDR4, Plasma Wayland, 6.6.8 Kernel

I’m experiencing the exact same issue as seen in your YouTube video. I have a 2560x1440 144Hz display and both in Plasma wayland 5.27.10 and Hyprland it shows those artifacts in games where I do not exactly hit 144 fps.
I even tried the nvidia beta 550 driver but it showed the same artifacts.

I’m running endeavourOS, rtx 2070 super, 32gb ram, ryzen 5 5600x and kernel 6.7.2.