OpenGL/Xwayland insane flickering

On driver 550.40.07 (this also happens on 545) anything using OpenGL through xwayland flickers like crazy. VRR on and off. This does not happen if the zink driver is forced or if the app is native wayland. Currently using an rtx 3080 on Arch linux. Examples of games affected by this bug are Minecraft, Terraria and factorio.


same here.

same here, usisng nvidia-opens 550.54.14, gnome 45
when start chromium normally, the url search candidate box is flickering, unless force chromium use wayland be set flags --enable-features=UseOzonePlatform --ozone-platform=wayland, but it will break IME so I have to use xwayland chromium

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Same here. All electron apps flicker. In vs code is quite annoying.

Just to reiterate here, I also have this issue with the newest driver (550.67). Tested with the new COSMIC desktop and (current git master) Hyprland.

It looks like it swaps between a previous and the current framebuffer (at the frame rate).