[BUG] Nvidia RTX 4060 OC, Linux, driver 545/550.67, screen flickering

Hi there. I’m using CachyOS, which is based on the Arch Linux distribution. It’s a rolling release. I have an “Gigabyte GeForce RTX 4060 Eagle OC 8GB GDDR6 (GV-N4060EAGLE OC-8GD)” graphics card. I’m using Wayland because X11 doesn’t work very well for me. I’m using KDE 6, and on Wayland, I constantly experience screen flickering. The same issue occurs with the latest GNOME on Wayland. Both driver version 545 and the newest 550.67 have the same problem. Even on KDE 5.27, I encounter the same issue. I’ve tried various Linux distributions, and the problem persists on each one. I’m using a monitor that doesn’t have G-Sync functionality, only AMD FreeSync Premium. My friend has an NVIDIA graphics card from the 3000 series and experiences the same issue as I do. When will the screen flickering bug in the NVIDIA driver be fixed? On one of the Linux Discord servers, they mentioned that it’s supposed to be addressed in the driver version labeled or to be labeled as 555. Is that true? When will it be fixed? Besides this NVIDIA bug, everything else works very well on Wayland. I have 144 hz monitor. This happens in programs and in all games. The only exception is Mozilla Firefox, where this error does not occur. On X11, there is no screen flickering, but X11 is very slow. Wayland is very fast on KDE 6.

Please add powermizer to nvidia-settings on wayland.

Somewhere in May a driver with explicit sync support is gonna get released once and for all fixing this annoying flickering under Wayland.

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Thank you for the information :-)