Audio CODEC for Jetson Xavier


I am designing a baseboard for a Jetson Xavier module. I am looking for an Audio codec to interface with Xavier over I2S. I could see, the Xavier development board uses ALC5658 audio CODEC, which I am not able to procure. Could you please help me with the list of Audio CODECs that are supported by Xavier.
I am planning to use SGTL5000 from freescale. Is this device supported by Xavier?


At this time, apart from the ALC5658 codec which is present of the Jetson Xavier dev board, unfortunately we do not have a list of supported codecs. That said we should be able to support various codecs that support standard I2S timing or DSP-A/B modes upto a max bit clock of 24.576MHz.

With regard to the SGTL5000 codec, although there is no official support for this codec I can confirm that this codec does with the Jetson Xavier board and I have tested the FE-PI Audio Z V2 board [0] with various Jetson platforms that features the SGTL5000 codec. So we can provide assistance with getting this codec to work. You can even purchase one of these FE-PI modules for prototyping.



Hi Jon,

Thank you for the confirmation.I will be using SGTL5000 codec on the baseboard.